Tues, Jan 23, 2018
Grand Ayatollah Saanei announces Monday to be Eid al-Fitr
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The issue of a savior is one that comes naturally to man and the majority of people believe in it, all be it with varied interpretations. But, the important issue here is the appearance of signs referring to the Advent which is by far greater than before. One of the signs of the Advent of a savior is the hatred humanity feels for war and bloodshed. In that time, love of peace and dialogue and putting aside asunder differences while forming organizations and various committees, will be a worldwide movement which will be reaching its heights.

At the time of the coming of the Promised Mahdi, there will be no sign of injustice and a democratic government of the people will be realized by His Excellency, and all humanity in the true and real sense of the word will become human. Another one of the signs of the Advent which has also been referred to in our religious traditions, is the evolution, or lets say the attainment of perfection in man’s reasoning and perception; thus, the greater man’s understanding and wisdom, the lesser his differences. So, persecution and violence will be wiped out and unity in its totality will be attained.

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