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Dynamic Ijtihād Writer: From the Viewpoint of The Faqih of the People of the House of Purity and Infallibility, Grand Ayatollah Saanei
Last Edition: 2016/09/24

The noble religion of Islam and the Holy Quran have provided us with the general and comprehensive principles that we need for the management of society. These fixed principles are based upon justice and the negation of injustice, and are for all times and ages. A faqih uses these principles to deduce the religious laws and rules, and to explicate the Islamic Jurisprudence.
The forward-thinking Shiite faqih, Grand Ayatollah Saanei, too, relying on these principles, a thorough understanding of the traditions (hadiths), rationality, and principles like “Human rights and dignity”, “easiness of Islamic rules”, “justice and negation of injustice” etc., has actualized the comprehensiveness of jurisprudence in responding to the needs of today’s world.

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