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Website of the Office of Grand Ayatullah Saanei :: THE HONOURABLE PROPHET’S PATHS AND WAYS

The Holy Koran has told of the path the great Prophet of Islam and His followers would be taking, in the Chapter of Yusef (PBUH). The Holy Koran with its clear, beautiful, and flowing language has ordered the Honorable Prophet of Islam to tell others that His way is one of invitation on the basis of insight: “Say, this is my way. I summon to Allah with insight, I and he who follows me,” (Yusuf, 108). This means He invites us to a world of perfection and absolute knowledge.

The Koran insists that the followers of Allah should take on such a path “I and he who follows me”, meaning the way of the Prophet and all the followers of the Honorable Messenger (PBUH) for invitation towards God must be with insight, otherwise, invitation based on aggression and force would only lead to despotism, conflict, and suffocation, and this is not the way of God, His Prophet, or the Shiite Imams.

The messenger brought His teachings to the people, with benevolence, wisdom, and good counsel. The Koran has acknowledged the Prophet as “mercy to the nations”, He who, during the 23 years of His prophetic mission, was submitted to all kinds of insult, injury, annoyance, and inconvenience at the hands of His enemies. But He never even once cursed or imprecated them, but instead, asked God for their guidance.

So what factors have played a part and been the cause of depicting a kind and compassionate Prophet as Mohammad, as a harsh and aggressive figure? Could their reasons have been anything than creating animosity, and their only aim to profit from such actions?

Date: 2015/12/29
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