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Grand Ayatollah Saanei announces Monday to be Eid al-Fitr
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Website of the Office of Grand Ayatullah Saanei :: “Do not provide the enemies with excuses for war”
Grand Ayatollah Saanei in an interview with Greek television “Do not provide the enemies with excuses for war”
“Today, some dirty hands are planning to wage war between Islamic civilization and the West”, His Honor asserted.
“The world today, is the world of knowledge and peace and human rights and there is no need for atomic and non-atomic weapons in such a world”, declared Grand Ayatollah Saanei in an interview with Greek television.
“Any ruling system which is respected and supported by the mass of the people, is lasting and stable, and nothing would threaten its existence and stability, even if hundreds of atomic bombs rain down on them, but if people are not interested in the ruling system, even a single firecracker can cause that system to collapse”, stated His Eminence emphasizing that people’s interest in the ruling system is a vital requisite for its stability and survival.
“The former regime was not in favor with people and despite being supported by all big powers and killing many people to protect their rule, they failed to resist the unarmed people and finally collapsed”, declared His Honor pointing out the former Iranian Imperial Government’s oppression and injustice against people and the people’s being filled with hatred towards the oppressors at that time.

Imam Khomeyni’s distinguished disciple, Grand Ayatollah Saanei pointed out the causes of the collapse of the oppressive Imperial Regime. Highlighting the leadership of Imam Khomeyni (PBUH) and people’s obedience to him, His Honor stated, “Imam’s divine movement was based on people’s rights and people knew that Imam (PBUH) did not take a step towards himself and his personal benefits and demands, and thus Imam was in people’s hearts, and people sacrificed themselves for Imam and his aspirations, i.e., Islamic values and virtues.

Pointing out the controversies over Iran’s nuclear issues fueled by some big powers, His Eminence continued, “Everyone knows well that we are the followers of Imam Khomeyni who did not even allow a single armed operation through out his campaign against the oppressive Imperial Regime, and it is clear that neither our religious beliefs nor our culture would allow us to use atomic bombs and weapons, and therefore I believe that some hidden dirty hands are trying to add fuel to the flames of the dispute between Iran and the West”.

“In an age when some doctrines bring up the war between civilizations, some others too, seizing on the nuclear issues, are planning to aggravate the dispute and wage war between Islam and the West. Therefore, everyone with good intentions, whether in the West, East, or in Iran, must attempt at averting the war and disarming the enemies by clearing the excuses away, because the dispute would be more damaging to Islam than to Iran”, added His Honor.

“If someone aggravates the dispute, whether or not they have understood the reality, they must know that this is a sin, a crime, and an act of high treason against people and Islam”, His Eminence stated.
Date: 2008/09/28
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