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Grand Ayatollah Saanei announces Monday to be Eid al-Fitr
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Website of the Office of Grand Ayatullah Saanei :: Ms. Maria Pershon Lovugoun, Sweden Radio reporter visited Grand Ayatollah Saanei
Ms. Maria Pershon Lovugoun, Sweden Radio reporter visited Grand Ayatollah Saanei

Ayatollah Saanei in a meeting with Mr. Lovugoun, the reporter and head of Swedish radio (Moscow Branch) noted the abovesaid and in response to the question about the Iranian religious scholars supporting Iraqi Shiites in the presence of the U .S troops, he said: "Islam believes all human beings are equal and respected, with specific values and rights which are not related to their color, race neither their religion nor nationality. Therefore, if we sympathize with Iraqi Shiites we will do the same to all people who are in the same condition, because all of them are humans. Iranian government has done all it could do in this case just as other countries. We should all notice that war and murder are undesired and they destroy Iraq. "

Ayatollah Saanei, the enlightened Shiite scholar, continued with the point that Shiite scholars deny terrorism and believe it is a dangerous problem for the societies and there is surely no connection between the September eleventh attacks and Iran. "This claim that those attacks were just for Islam is a lie and an unacceptable excuse which just damaged Islam, because Islam is against terrorism. Our first leader, Imam Ali was assassinated and there were many Shiite leaders who were murdered."

He added that during the centuries the interpretations of Islam have changed. "Changes in societies cause the changes in all interpretations of humanity but the fundamentals are still remained unchanged. Justice is always and good everywhere but its interpretation change through the time For example today you should respect people's rights if you are driving on a road, but it was not the same before. Therefore, the changes in interpretations of principles have happened in history and will happen in future as well, and that is the way of perfection.

It is the same in Islam; that is, we have some principles that are fixed and unchangeable and some interpretations that can change in different times. I believe that in Islam, all people are equal and cruelty and inequality has no place. In those cases that some think the rules are unjust, with a little more thinking we understand there is a justice."

At the end Ayatollah Saanei answered the question that if one day people believe that religion should be separate from politics, what should we do? "In this case we cannot force them to accept our idea but we should guide them. We cannot suppress the people and leaders should administer in a way so people do not come to this conclusion, and if they come, the leaders are responsible for it, " he explained.

Date: 2008/09/28
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