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Grand Ayatollah Saanei announces Monday to be Eid al-Fitr
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The interview of science monitor with His Eminence

In The name of Allah

"I have always maintained that Islam is the religion of humanity, peace, and compassion. Never does Islam practice oppression, imprisonment, cruelty, terrorism and torture, Islam is surely enough devoid of such wrongdoing .Islam has been introduced improperly. It is replete with mercy and forgiveness, and enjoys conciliation and fairness. All human rights and freedom lie in Islam, "Said Ayatollah Saanei, the sophisticated expert on Muslim law, in an interview with Scott Peterson, the reporter of Science Monitor Magazine. Responding a question about the congruity between democracy and Islam in an Islamic democratic state, Ayatollah Saanei said, "If we regard democracy as having equitable social, political and economic rights etc., it is all in accord with Islam. Islam even benefits from some special humanitarian rules, which can not be found in international laws. The religion I have comprehended and respect it's grand rules has evolved after years of research and much scientific scrutiny. One important principle in Islam is equity of rights. Islam dose not discriminate between people owing to their doctrine, nationality, race, color, geographical position etc. Therefore, I regard female and male, Muslim and Non-Muslim, Iranian and foreigner as equal. I have thoroughly discussed all points in this view and written on it. There are probably two laws regarding inheritance and divorce that may seem dubious.

According to the Islamic law, the heir inherits twice as much the heiress. The other one is the right of divorce that is given to the males. However, equity and fairness is observed in these two cases, and elaborate explanation has been already provided".

Considering the implementation of his theories in Iran, Grand Ayatollah Saanei mentioned two basic factors. He said, "In the first place, theological schools need to Scrutinize and discuss these issues. People in theological schools are not like-minded, so some hardly accept such ideas and culture as a religious culture for they have not comprehended Imam khomeini’s teachings, but Iranian people are knowing and welcome new ideas.

In the second place, legislature, executive and judicial powers should act accordingly. As long as constitution is concerned any theory which is formed by an expert on Muslim law can be made a law and can be implemented".

Ayatollah Saanei went on to refer to the profound effect of Imam khomeini's character on practicing these innovative ideas.

"I dare to say all these theories and ideas would be enacted as laws if Imam Khomeini were alive. We look forward to establishing a defined democracy through efforts on the part of internal and external reformers and culture enthusiasts. I emphasize that Islam is replete with humanity and equity of human rights. Islam is devoid of oppression, imprisonment, terrorism and torture. Islam has been presented in the wrong way. This religion abounds with conciliation, compassion and fairness in which lies all human rights. Imam Khomeini could persuade the opponents to fulfill his ideals. The basic present problem is people at realm have lost their interest in these ideals. This condition is aggravating increasingly. Now, how can we recover? We are only in a demonstrative not an executive position in the society.

We teach the solutions, and others should learn".

In another part of his discourse, he discussed the how and the why of existence of groups like Alquade and Taleban. He said,

Publicizing Taleban-like ideas and founding such networks mostly refers to the teachings of their thinking leaders, Such leaders regard terrorism and crime as legal or even obligatory. We must make them understand not only is Islam devoid of such doctrines and thoughts but it condemns them.

However, there should be a profound cultural war against them.

Not only do I feel disillusioned by their atrocity and violence, but also feel pain when I learn about how leaders of these groups deceive people to carry out what they have on mind. They violate human rights as pressure groups do. We express our aversion to the oppressive and invite all the deviated to resort to true Islam".

Finally, Ayatollah Saanei pointed out the existence of interaction and dialogs between theological schools in Qum and Najaf and went on to say that, "Iraqi Shiites do not consider Iran as a governing model. They have prominent figures in their country. Both nations know Sadam Hossein and supportive arrogant powers imposed war on people. In fact they hold fraternal relations and have unity.

Date: 2008/09/28
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