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Grand Ayatollah Saanei announces Monday to be Eid al-Fitr
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Website of the Office of Grand Ayatullah Saanei :: German reporter Joachim Preuss from DER SPIEGEL in a meeting with Grand Ayatollah Saanei
German reporter Joachim Preuss from DER SPIEGEL in a meeting with Grand Ayatollah Saanei
In The name of Allah

"Imam Khomeini wanted people to hold their destiny in their hands, but some disincentives currently prevent people from fulfilling their own destiny." Said Ayatollah Saanei, in an interview with Mr. Joachim Preuss', .one member in Editorial Council of DER SPIEGEL magazine, He pointed out his duty was deduce God's laws from Quran and Narration and state them for the people. About terrorism he said, " Terrorism is illegal and condemned in Islam. For instance, Moslem-ebne-Aquil had an opportunity to terrorize the caliph of kufeh, but they respected their principles and many people reached martyrdom during Imam Hossein's uprising." In response to a question that to what extent Imam khomeini's goals had been fulfilled- on the occasion of approaching 25th anniversary of Islamic revolution's victory-he replied, "The foremost fundamental objective was knowledge and awareness on the part of people. He made his best effort to help people know they were able to accomplish all tasks with God's assistance. People should be aware of themselves and God. Comparatively people were not aware enough to demand their natural rights, but people demand and are aware of their rights presently Imam khomeini hoped that people could enjoy public wealth, and made plans for the budget so there would not be economic corruption."

In another part of this interview he elaborated on the meaning of independence and dependence and said," Countries, world - wide, are sometimes dependent on others and have interactions for social assistance which is desirable, but if international relations are to dominate culture and thoughts in one country, they should be condemned. I have no idea how independent Iran is presently, but during the years Imam Khomeini was the leader, Iran was one of the most independent countries in the world, and people had the chance to make laws through referendum, but these days there are some constraining laws."

In the last part of this interview, editorial council asked if Ayatollah Saanei was happy because his attitudes were regarded as modern in Germany and West. Ayatollah Saanei stated that he would be delighted if humanity could manage a peaceful life all around the world.

Date: 2008/09/28
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