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Grand Ayatollah Saanei announces Monday to be Eid al-Fitr
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Grand Ayatollah Saanei in a meeting with the assistant director of JDI: “Iranian students’ efforts disappoint the enemies”
“Today, one of our enemies’ efforts is to introduce Islam to the world improperly so that they would antagonize the whole world towards us, and to confront this trick and prevent the damages being inflicted by them, one valuable strategy is to attempt at the development in scientific fields, and meet the needs of the society”, His Eminence declared.
Expressing his satisfaction with the scientific efforts of Iranian scientists and intellectual youth in JDI and other scientific centers, His Eminence stated, “Your scientific efforts are, in fact, instances of serving Islam and humanity and although you are attempting anonymously in this field, be sure that God the Almighty will spread the results of your efforts”.
Describing joy and freshness as necessities to the cultivation and development of talents, and Islam’s emphasis on joyfulness and mirthfulness of the individuals in the society, he declared, “Today we are moving in such a way that joyfulness is diminishing and probably perishing in the society, and unfortunately it seems if some people and schools of thought do not find it advisable to provide some feasible solutions to this issue despite Islam’s emphasis on joyfulness”.

“In today’s world, self-respect is shaken, and unfortunately abasement is developed instead, and I believe that one of the valuable attempts of JDI must be to improve and reinforce self-respect and social respect among the university students and scholars”, he added.

Dr Mirzaei, assistant director of training of JDI, presented a brief report on the training services offered by the institute. Pointing out that JDI has been the first institute to enter the fields and issues concerning scientific research in Iran, he declared, “Having 120 training centers through out the country, JDI has offered training services to 350,000 people, most of whom have managed to be employed after finishing the courses”.

Date: 2008/09/28
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