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Grand Ayatollah Saanei announces Monday to be Eid al-Fitr
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Website of the Office of Grand Ayatullah Saanei :: “To repent of having oppressed the society and people, it does not suffice to merely utter ‘Astaghfirullah ’.”
Grand Ayatollah Saanei: “To repent of having oppressed the society and people, it does not suffice to merely utter ‘Astaghfirullah ’.”

Grand Ayatollah Saanei at the opening of the extra-textual discussions course of the principles of Shiite jurisprudence[1] in the new seminary year: The crime of disrespecting and profaning the Holy Quran is condemned through the eyes of all human beings. On the opening day of the extra-textual discussions course of the principles of Shiite jurisprudence[2] in the new seminary year, stressing the fact that the crime of disrespecting and profaning the Holy Quran is condemned through the eyes of all monotheists, Grand Ayatollah Saanei said, “This hostility towards the Holy Quran lies in the fact that this book is irrefutable proof of the essence of Allah the Almighty. It is the Divine revelation. It is a book that enables us to cast aside all shadows of doubt cast on the Origin and the End of the world of existence.” “Another reason for such hostility towards the Holy Quran is that It is the everlasting miracle. It was revealed to the Holy Prophet (S) in such circumstances that mankind lacked the knowledge of a lot of things in the world, which, even today, despite dramatic advancements in science, man is still unable to understand. This is why His Holiness Mahdi (AJ) is said to be the one to uncover the truth in the Holy Quran at the time of His advent,” Grand Ayatollah Saanei added. Describing the circumstances at the time of Quranic revelation as the Arabian Age of Ignorance, barbarism, girls being buried alive, and the right being with those who were dominant and more powerful, Grand Ayatollah Saanei added, “Even though the Holy Quran was revealed in such circumstances, It based Its invitation to the truth on intellect, reflection, and culture, and this is conclusive proof that It is the Word of God. And again this is why the Holy Prophet’s call unto God and invitation to Islam was based on culturalization and humanity instead of killing, violence, and deceit, which were consistent with the existing conditions of that time: ‘The origination of Allah according to which He originated mankind, there is no altering Allah’s creation.2’ Even today, any society or government that moves and acts contrary to such principles and bases itself on violence and deceit is on a par with those ignorant societies and even worse than them.” Expressing that the rules brought forth by the Quran are the most equitable ones and that the Quran offers the most solid theoretical and practical ethics and wisdom, Grand Ayatollah Saanei stated, “The Four Proofs used in the Shiite jurisprudence derive their validity and authority from the Holy Quran while the validity and authority of the Holy Quran lies within It Itself; that is, the validity and authority of the Quran in terms of jurisprudential issues, practical wisdom, ethics, penal laws, and political issues is supported by the Quran Itself. This is the reason why, in the Hadith al-Thaqualayn (the tradition of the Two Weighty Things), the Holy Quran is introduced as the Greater Weight. His Eminence then recommended a wider application of the exalted teachings of the Holy Quran to the students and said that unfortunately we are very distant from the Quran these days. His Eminence added, “You should attend more to the wisdom of the Quran. Contemplate what Quranic verses convey. I believe that today it would be better and more appropriate if we told those who ignorantly deny God, the Quran, and the Prophet (S) and profane the Quran that Islam is the protector, the defender, and the religion of human rights, and more importantly, it has been so since 1400 years ago, when there was no talk of human rights issues. It was only after the First and Second World Wars that world nations wrote the Human Rights Charter and demanded that it be enforced while the Holy Quran 1400 years ago said, ‘Certainly We have honored the children of Adam.[3]’ This is the honor and dignity of the children of Adam; Human beings are the Vicegerents of Allah.” This great religious authority then added, “Another issue in Quranic wisdom that needs more attention is the discussion of sending prophets. The prophets were not sent with the Torah, the Bible, the Psalms, or the Quran in one hand and a whip in the other. Rather, as the Quran says, ‘Certainly We sent Our apostles with manifest proofs, and We sent down with them the Book and the Balance, so that mankind may maintain Quist,[4]’ God has not only sent the prophets with books of rules and laws, but also equipped mankind with wisdom such that they would be able to make the best of those books. God sent 124000 messengers so as to teach mankind to Quist themselves; Quist, unlike justice, is not something enforceable. It is a matter of culture and belief. It is the result of justice. It is the state of being content with your right, i.e. people themselves reach the point where they are content with their rights.”

1- Kharij-e Fiq’h Usul Course: a high seminary course discussing the principles of jurisprudence beyond the available relevant texts

2- The Holy Quran:Rum:30

3 - The Quran: al-Isra: 70

4 - The Quran: al-Hadid: 25

Date: 2011/11/27
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