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Grand Ayatollah Saanei announces Monday to be Eid al-Fitr
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Website of the Office of Grand Ayatullah Saanei :: THE LESSONS OF ASHURA

One of the lessons of great importance and one that we recount enthusiastically with great affection and sympathy in ceremonies, assemblies, religious meetings, and congresses, is the event of Karballa; the manifestation of the ugliness of terror and terrorism, injustice and murderous crime. The stance taken here is one that Shiites all over the world take pride in, proving that not only Shiites do not recognize terror as a means of reaching their goal, but that they are absolutely and sincerely against such actions.

The events in Karballa and Ashura symbolize hatred for injustice and oppression. Affection for Ashura, dries up the roots of violence in the human world and kneads a love for the innocent into our whole being.

The event of Ashura was a calculated political move on the part of Imam Hussein (PBUH), who, in response to the invitation of the people of Kufa, left Medina; His Excellency did not go for war, but a war was imposed upon Him and, in defense of the innocent and for the attainment of freedom, His Excellency fought against oppression. He went with open arms to His martyrdom; such a decision is so very precious! The Imam and His faithful followers chose to loose their lives, and with the blood they shed on this righteous path, they stood up against injustice and oppression so that others may live in peace and tranquility.

Date: 2015/10/15
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